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How Abrakadabra works
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Abrakadabra is a tool (Artificial intelligence) that contains more than 4TB of text on different topics. It allows generating content for social networks as if it were written by a living person.

Abrakadabra analyzes your business, writes the appropriate texts, selects the right images and publishes content at the right time in your business accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Abrakadabra does this automatically, so there's no need to hire a social media manager anymore.

Abrakadabra generates content on general topics (holidays, historical dates, sports events, exhibitions, etc.) and on specialized areas based on each individual industry (special offers of your company, team photos, frequently asked questions, etc.).

Abrakadabra does not promote your business! Abrakadabra writes posts that allow your business to be in touch with your clients on social media.

Abrakadabra has no lunch breaks, days off and sick leaves. Abrakadabra does everything on time.

What is Abrakadabra?
Artificial Intelligence
We created an algorithm that analyzes the industry of each business, local websites, sporting events, days in history and many other data, on which posts are prepared using our software.
Personal Touch
Since the machines aren't perfect, and our customers must be satisfied, a supervisor, who will check the generated posts, is assigned to each client.
Big Data
We used more than 4 TB of data to train our artificial intelligence. Abrakadabra knows more than scientists do. Abrakadabra knows how the best copywriters create content.
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